Communicate with Confidence

Our translation and interpretation services are available in more than 160 languages and dialects. In the language of success, there are two levels of communication: translation is what you say; localization is how you say it. We are global in scope but local in ways that are important to you. Perhaps the most important meaning of local, however, is our uncompromising reliance on native linguists – people who know and understand local colloquial expressions, usage and customs. For the simplest, most basic needs, machine translations have their place. However, to ensure accurate translation of legal, investigative, technical or other critical projects, our native linguists are the solution.

Metlang has seven locations which afford us great opportunities to draw upon the vast ethnic communities here in the United States to obtain native speakers with the ability to understand both formal and colloquial expressions within each language and dialect. Our linguists are certified professionals, and have been thoroughly vetted for access to work with one or several Federal government agencies.